Anguilla Sunset

Sunset Sandy Ground Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 10th July 2017 No Comments

An Anguilla sunset can be a very special sight, especially when witnessed from Sandy Ground during the summer months, when the sun sizzles down into the sea, often accompanied by an incredible variety of yellows, oranges and reds. This particular photograph does it justice I think. It also seems like a fitting image to wave farewell to Anguilla with again, as I once again depart her shores. The beginning of another new chapter, along with my wife, Dachshund and pet cat. Will I be back? Who knows, but as in Lost, I somehow feel like Jack and that the island hasn’t quite finished with me. It could be a holiday, or another stint of work here maybe……I don’t know, but I am sure one day I will see this little Caribbean jewel again. One thing is for sure, I am trading this tropical paradise for its temperate equivalent. Galicia, northern Spain, where an almost renovated farmhouse is located. It may rain a lot in Winter, but summers there are glorious, and the beaches can often display bright clear waters that are reminiscent of the Caribbean. In fact, a future blog post may illustrate this with the question: “Caribbean or Galicia?”. Watch this space.

So an Anguilla sunset seemed fitting and the final picture I am posting while still on island. In actual fact right now I should be in transit….I have scheduled this post to pop up while, all going to plan, I am flying across the Atlantic. So bon voyage, fair well, hasta pronto. I will continue to put up images taken in the Caribbean in order to build the library I have planned, but for sure more and more Galician coastal and animal photo-posts will be appearing from this point forward. Chao.

Originally posted on instagram @sea_anguilla with the text: Another lovely sunset at Sandy Ground. This one was taken a week or so ago as it has been overcast for the last few days. Always a pleasure though and a reminder of why we love Anguilla so much. You can always find friends, good food, and a great vibe. Especially with such amazing clouds. Never not special.

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