Branching Anemone

Branching Anemone Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 11th March 2017 No Comments

It is often very difficult to tell if something is a plant or an animal underwater, or even what Order it is let alone species. Beyond that, some are so cryptic that only those looking with keen eyes will spot them lurking in a crevice or under a rock. This is the case for the Branching Anemone, whose body is hidden away in recesses that is further hidden by a web of pseudotentacles. I do have to admit though, when I first saw this creature a number of years ago I was not entirely sure what it was, and still today have only seen three or four examples after my hundreds of dives in Anguilla. There are always special things to look out for if one pays special attention.

Originally posted on Instagram @sea_anguilla with the text: Branching Anemone seen in the waters around Sandy Island. These creatures, stranger than runway tents, can often be seen by observant divers peering out from recesses in the reef. Sandy Island also offers some superb snorkelling for those willing to swim a distance away from shore. It is well worth it.

Note: For those who actually read this post, ‘runway tents’ is an anagram of my name, back when I was still being cryptic about who was behind the sea_anguilla Instagram account!

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