Bucktooth Parrotfish

Bucktooth Parrotfish Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 14th December 2016 No Comments

Hiding among Manatee Grass and Turtle Grass, this male Bucktooth Parrotfish thinks I haven’t spotted it yet and is almost laughing at me. Lucky really as if not I would not have been able to approach as close and capture this image. Seagrass beds are an important habitat for many species of small fish and invertebrates, as well as Green Turtles and other larger interlopers. Unlike most fish species found here who use the seagrass areas predominantly as a habitat during their juvenile phase, the Bucktooth Parrotfish usually spends its entire life in these areas, swimming happily around grazing on tasty morsels.

Originally posted on Instagram @sea_anguilla with the text: Buck-toothed Parrotfish hiding out amongst the seagrass in Island Harbour. This small species of Parrotfish spends its entire life living in seagrass beds although it is often overlooked due to its shy nature. Seagrass habitats are important for a number of other fish species, especially during their juvenile phase, after which they move off to other areas. As an important fish nursery seagrass beds need protecting in order to protect our fish populations. They are also important for foraging Green Turtles and help stabilize sandy areas, especially during storm events.

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