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Sun Anemone
Stuart Wynne 3rd February 2020 No Comments

The Sun Anemone (Stichodactyla helianthus) is a little different from most other anemones as it has really short stubby tentacles, and can grow together in what might almost be classed as colonies, forming large mats that can cover …

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Giant Anemone
Stuart Wynne 10th May 2017 1 Comment

Anemones, such as the Giant Anemone picture here, are famous now thanks to the brightly coloured clownfish from Pixar movie fame. These fish do not live in the Caribbean however, and so the local anemones sway around uninhabited while they …

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Branching Anemone
Stuart Wynne 11th March 2017 No Comments

It is often very difficult to tell if something is a plant or an animal underwater, or even what Order it is let alone species. Beyond that, some are so cryptic that only those looking with keen eyes will spot …

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Banded Anemone
Stuart Wynne 15th February 2017 No Comments

Seen during a night dive at Meads Bay, the Banded Anemone is a species of tube dwelling anemone that spends daylight hours hidden in its parchment-like home waiting for dark solitude. When the sun sets, it extends out to filter …

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