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Cushion Sea Star
Stuart Wynne 21st December 2020 No Comments

The Cushion Sea Star (Oreaster reticulatus) is one of the largest Caribbean Starfish (to use the old name, as Sea Star is now the accepted variant!), but it is also very interesting to see the genetic variants that …

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Three-Rowed Sea Cucumber
Stuart Wynne 8th April 2019 No Comments

Oddly enough, sea cucumbers are close relatives of the sea urchins, belonging to same Phylum (Echinoderms), all members of which share some interesting features, including a hard internal skeleton composed of calcareous plates called ossicles, and five way …

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Variegated Urchin
Stuart Wynne 2nd February 2017 No Comments

The Variegated Urchin is one of the least common sea urchins in Anguilla, this species can vary colour greatly between individuals and often used bits of algae or small stones to camouflage itself. Reportedly the Squat Urchin Shrimp has been …

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Reef Urchin
Stuart Wynne 24th December 2016 No Comments

With Christmas upon us I thought this red Reef Urchin would add a slightly festive feel. This particular species of urchin is not very commonly seen in Anguilla, although during the day it does spend much of its time hiding …

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