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Cornish Sunset
Stuart Wynne 1st September 2018 No Comments

Well, its been a while since posting, and its been quite an adventure. We are now currently back in the UK and have gone through all the necessary organising and sorting out that is required when moving countries. Although I …

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Barqueiro Drone Shoot
Stuart Wynne 10th December 2017 No Comments

I have been having a lot of fun with my new DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone this autumn, and I think I’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful location for such excursions as here in Galicia. The featured …

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Maiden Flight
Stuart Wynne 29th September 2017 No Comments

As a brief departure from my usual Caribbean posts, I captured todays featured image while taking my newest camera for its maiden flight earlier this month at the beach near Esteiro, in Galicia. After much research and talking with …

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Common Blue Mussel
Stuart Wynne 26th August 2017 No Comments

The scientific name for this very well known species of bivalve (Mytilus edulis) is probably the first one I ever learnt in biology class at school. The Common Blue Mussel, sometimes simply referred to as the Common Mussel …

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Galicia Viaduct
Stuart Wynne 2nd July 2017 No Comments

A stunning view of a railway viaduct spanning an inlet on the coast of Galicia, near the beautiful coastal town of Ortigueira. Home to amazing views and wonderful sea food, Ortigueira also hosts a large festival in the summer …

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Stag Beetle
Stuart Wynne 19th April 2017 No Comments

The Stag Beetle has to be the most impressive of all European beatles, the male of which is pictured here with its impressive head gear. Finding this one guarding a rock in our garden in Galicia, Spain, was quite an …

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Sculptural Sand Crab
Stuart Wynne 2nd March 2017 No Comments

Sculptural sand crab, found while beach walking in Galicia – one of my favourite activities there is to do. Literally mile upon mile of endless beaches to roam, most of which are deserted, and all of which are stunningly beautiful. …

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Cedeira Galicia
Stuart Wynne 31st December 2016 No Comments

Well, as it the last post for 2016 and January is upon us I felt it appropriate to put a nice wintery looking coastal view up to remind me of Europe. Cold crispy days with morning fog and a clear …

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Schreiber’s Green Lizard
Stuart Wynne 12th September 2016 No Comments

During our four to five years in Galicia renovating a small farmhouse this was the only example of a Schreiber’s Green Lizard that we encountered. I am more of an underwater nerd, but terrestrial species and landscapes still interest me …

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