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Sandy Island Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 11th August 2017 No Comments

Sandy Island, part of Anguilla’s Marine Park System. This photograph was actually taken a number of years ago when Sandy Island still had a ship wreck on its stoney ‘berm’, giving it the quintessential ‘treasure island’ feel. The wreck has …

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Anguilla Sunset
Stuart Wynne 10th July 2017 No Comments

An Anguilla sunset can be a very special sight, especially when witnessed from Sandy Ground during the summer months, when the sun sizzles down into the sea, often accompanied by an incredible variety of yellows, oranges and reds. This particular …

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Crocus Bay Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 3rd June 2017 No Comments

This is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Anguilla. Dramatic cliffs, seagrass beds, interesting reefs and great water sports. In fact, this picture was taken very close to that posted a few weeks ago for Little Bay

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Little Bay Marine Park
Stuart Wynne 11th April 2017 No Comments

This has to be one of my favourite stretches of coastline in Anguilla, from Katouche Bay to Flat Cap Point. This includes Crocus Bay, Little Bay, and beautiful cliff structures in between: great fossil hunting; water sports and food at …

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View of St Martin
Stuart Wynne 20th February 2017 No Comments

St Martin as seen from Corito Bay, Anguilla. It always blows my mind how different this island is from Anguilla when I go and visit, despite only being separated by a couple of miles of ocean, just 20 mins away …

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Cedeira Galicia
Stuart Wynne 31st December 2016 No Comments

Well, as it the last post for 2016 and January is upon us I felt it appropriate to put a nice wintery looking coastal view up to remind me of Europe. Cold crispy days with morning fog and a clear …

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Sandy Ground Sunset
Stuart Wynne 28th October 2016 No Comments

If there is one thing that Sandy Ground (Road Bay, Anguilla) has a lot of are sunsets. When the clouds are just right, and the clarity spot on, beach goers are treated to an awesome spectacle. If there is another …

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Scilly Cay Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 19th October 2016 No Comments

Scilly Cay is a tiny little offshore islet, located within the bay and fishing port of Island Harbour (Anguilla). It is very much the archetypal offshore hangout with a bar, thatched huts and friendly atmosphere. The snorkeling around the cay …

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Galician Landscape
Stuart Wynne 26th July 2016 No Comments

If there is one thing I miss while living in the Caribbean it is a morning such as this. Clear blue crispy winter skies with morning fog still lurking in the valley. This is the view from our back garden, …

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