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Hawksbill Turtle Hatchling
Stuart Wynne 13th February 2022 No Comments

This was a very special moment. I had received a call from some local builders who had arrived at work to find some lost Hawksbill Turtle hatchlings flapping around in a foundation trench. He had put them in a bucket …

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Hawksbill Turtle
Stuart Wynne 9th October 2018 No Comments

The Hawksbill Turtle. as with all sea turtle species, is a truely amazing creature: It hatches from an egg deposited by its mother sixty days earlier on a beach someplace; instintively knows to head down to the water and swim …

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Green Turtle
Stuart Wynne 2nd August 2017 No Comments

This very relaxed Green Turtle was photographed on the 15 m sand/rubble sloping drop-off at Limestone Bay, Anguilla. It very obligingly let me make a close approach, but kept a watchful eye the whole time. Green Turtles of foraging age …

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Green Iguana
Stuart Wynne 2nd December 2016 No Comments

It was quite a surprise a few months ago when this beautiful Green Iguana came onto our porch in Anguilla having presumably lost its way. Our miniature Dachshund was equally shocked as he has never seen a lizard this big, …

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Schreiber’s Green Lizard
Stuart Wynne 12th September 2016 No Comments

During our four to five years in Galicia renovating a small farmhouse this was the only example of a Schreiber’s Green Lizard that we encountered. I am more of an underwater nerd, but terrestrial species and landscapes still interest me …

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