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Solitary Disc Coral
Stuart Wynne 5th November 2019 1 Comment

The Solitary Disc Coral (Scolymia wellsi) differs from the majority of other stony corals as it does not form colonies of polyps, instead living an independent existence, free from all the ties of colony life. In terms of …

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Pillar Coral
Stuart Wynne 21st October 2019 No Comments

Responsible for probably one of the most impressive coral formations you are likely to see while diving, Pillar Coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus), as its common name suggests, can from impressive pillars if given time and the right conditions. Pretty …

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Elliptical Star Coral
Stuart Wynne 24th November 2017 No Comments

Small colonies of Elliptical Star Coral (Dichocoenia stokesi) can easily be confused with the similar Golfball Coral, although corallites of D. stokesi are usually more closely grouped, and can be more irregular in shape. This species is also …

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Finger Coral Reef
Stuart Wynne 28th June 2017 No Comments

Expansive finger coral reefs such as this were common a few decades ago, but sadly today it is becoming less and less easy to find pristine examples. The one pictured here is located near Sandy Island, but unfortunately it is …

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Great Star Coral
Stuart Wynne 13th June 2017 1 Comment

Great Star Coral polyps pictured open at night. These tiny creatures are incredible, with their delicate tentacles filter feeding food particles and their tiny skeletons slowly building huge reef structures over the centuries. Coral polyps are probably the most successful …

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Smooth Flower Coral
Stuart Wynne 19th March 2017 No Comments

Close up of Smooth Flower Coral taken using my Sony Cybershot DSC T100. I have to say this little camera has served me well over the years, and travels well underwater with its marine pack. It takes the most …

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Orange Cup Coral
Stuart Wynne 28th January 2017 No Comments

Considered the only introduced coral species to the Caribbean region, first recorded here in 1943. Since its initial sighting in Puerto Rico it has spread across the region with a dispersal that follows typical current patterns, and only reaching the …

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