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Rose Lace Coral
Stuart Wynne 9th October 2020 1 Comment

As I have said in some of my past gallery posts, the detail on the underwater world that can be seen if one looks close enough never ceases to amaze. Rose Lace Coral (Stylaster roseus) is one …

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Spotted Eagle Ray
Stuart Wynne 1st August 2020 No Comments

One of the most enigmatic species that can be encountered when diving in the Caribbean, the Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari) glides around in the water seemingly without a care in the world. It can grow to over …

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Caesar Grunt
Stuart Wynne 21st June 2020 1 Comment

The Caesar Grunt (Haemulon carbonarium) is very similar in appearance to some other grunt species, namely Tomtates (Haemulon aurolineatum) and Latin Grunts (Haemulon steindachneri). It can however be distinguished quite easily if you pay …

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Sun Anemone
Stuart Wynne 3rd February 2020 No Comments

The Sun Anemone (Stichodactyla helianthus) is a little different from most other anemones as it has really short stubby tentacles, and can grow together in what might almost be classed as colonies, forming large mats that can cover …

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Solitary Disc Coral
Stuart Wynne 5th November 2019 1 Comment

The Solitary Disc Coral (Scolymia wellsi) differs from the majority of other stony corals as it does not form colonies of polyps, instead living an independent existence, free from all the ties of colony life. In terms of …

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Pillar Coral
Stuart Wynne 21st October 2019 No Comments

Responsible for probably one of the most impressive coral formations you are likely to see while diving, Pillar Coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus), as its common name suggests, can from impressive pillars if given time and the right conditions. Pretty …

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Bridled Goby
Stuart Wynne 18th September 2019 No Comments

As I find myself often discussing, it is amazing the detail and beauty found in the underwater world if one looks closely enough. The Bridled Goby (Coryphopterus glaucofraenum) is another example of this. For most underwater visitors, this …

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Flying Gurnard
Stuart Wynne 8th August 2019 No Comments

It is always quite a surprise when encountering a Flying Gurnard (Dactylopterus volitans) when snorkelling on a sand flat or seagrass bed (their preferred habitat). They are often fairly hard to spot, usually pale and seemingly motionless as …

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White Encrusting Zoanthid
Stuart Wynne 31st July 2019 No Comments

You can be forgiven if you mistakenly think the White Encrusting Zoanthid (Palythoa caribbaeorum) is a type of coral, as it looks remarkably similar to large polyp species such as Great Star Coral (Montastraea cavernosa). As …

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