Cedeira Galicia

Cideira Galicia
Stuart Wynne 31st December 2016 No Comments

Well, as it the last post for 2016 and January is upon us I felt it appropriate to put a nice wintery looking coastal view up to remind me of Europe. Cold crispy days with morning fog and a clear blue sky. This particular image was taken a couple of years ago in Cedeira Galicia (Northern Spain), a shortish drive away from our small farmhouse and renovation project. The winters were often wet, but on days like this one just had to leave the brick-laying and plastering behind for a lovely stroll following by some delicious sea food. Its a very different life to the one I am living right now in the Caribbean, where January means bearable temperatures and rain storms are actually welcome to fill your water cisterns before the hot weather returns. Two extremes. Which do I prefer? Well, a mixture of the two would be nice, but to be honest you really can’t beat those stunningly clear and crisp winters days with the promise of spring in the air.

Cedeira is also one of those interesting places where town meet beach, and you can be wandering down the high street doing a spot of window shopping when the next minute a load of kids covered in sand carrying buckets and spades run by. Obviously though this is in the summer time, as visit anytime after October and busy summer has given way to deserted winter….by far my favourite kind of vibe.

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