With over twenty years experience working in the UK, Caribbean and more recently the Middle East, I can provide consulting solutions for Government agencies, NGO’s and private entities that require specialist help delivering on a variety of tropical marine ecological issues. These include, but are not limited to: design of marine park systems; fisheries assessments; underwater imagery analysis; habitat restoration; environmental impact assessments; coastal development and resource usage; surveillance planning; and mooring field design and implementation.

Marine Ecology Consulting Service Categories

Sandy Island Monitoring Anguilla 2008

Staff Training

Specialist training given in habit monitoring, establishing long-term monitoring programs and Caribbean coral, fish, algae and invertebrate identification.

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Forest Bay - Conch Bay Development Anguilla 2008

Policy Advice

Working closely alongside Governmental agencies and NGOs with marine policy development obligations, we conduct on the ground cross-discipline

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Mixed Reef Shoal Bay East Anguilla 2007

Imagery Analysis

We offer fast and reliable analysis of both video footage and still imagery, classifying habitat types, benthic cover

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Scilly Cay Anguilla

Marine Park Management

We offer services in all aspects of marine park management design planning, from initial area habitat assessments that

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Sandy Ground View Anguilla

EIA Consults

We offer both EIA reviewing and consulting services, and can either undertake aspects of the Environmental Impact Assessment

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Finger Coral Reef Sandy Ground Anguilla

Habitat Assessments

We offer a full range of habitat assessment services, from baseline survey assessments, to the establishment of a

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Upper Shoal Bay East View Anguilla

Marine Spatial Planning

Forming an integral part of many of the other services offered, marine spatial planning (including marine park zoning

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Green Turtle Outreach Anguilla

Community & Outreach

Of ever-growing importance in environmental work is the need to keep the community informed, involve them in the

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Crocus Bay Anguilla

Coastal Resource Management

To solve many of the complex problems associated with the management of coastal resources, we offer a range

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Lionfish Shoal Bay Anguilla

Invasive Species

Invasive marine species are not an easy problem to deal with, although fortunately, as the oceans are naturally

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Longspined Sea Urchins Anguilla

Habitat Restoration

Habitat restoration of coral reef systems is a hot topic these days, with coral nurseries and ‘Coral Gardeners’

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Tarpon Anguilla

Fisheries Management

We offer a wide range of fisheries management solutions, from desk study based assessments, to hands on long-term

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Dolphin Watching Anguilla June 2008

Surveillance Planning

An essential part of marine park, fisheries and coastal resource planning and management, surveillance of areas can be

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Oosterdiep Wreck View Anguilla

Dive Site Management

With tourism being an integral part of any marine planning regime, it is essential to maintain dive sites

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Helix Installation Sandy Island Anguilla

Mooring Field Design

An essential strategy for any Marine Park is to have provision for visiting tourist vessels to moor within

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