Cornish Sunset

Cornish Sunset
Stuart Wynne 1st September 2018 No Comments

Well, its been a while since posting, and its been quite an adventure. We are now currently back in the UK and have gone through all the necessary organising and sorting out that is required when moving countries. Although I am living only a short distance from the sea, it isn’t often very photogenic, being more brown and murky in nature rather than blue. No diving or snorkelling for me. So that has to be left to the holidays now, as in the image posted here of a cornish sunset. I was lucky enough to be on a research vessel in the English Channel during some very special weather back in June, and took this photograph just before nightfall. I didn’t realise it at the time but the land in the background is actually where I ended up going on our first family holiday with my new born son a couple of weeks later. Nice.

Anyway, this cornish sunset post is more to fill in a gap really, but will hopefully mark a return to me posting images to my archive once again. I probably can’t commit to this regularly right now, but will at least attempt to do so every fortnight or so. I have also begun posting Anguilla underwater memories on Instagram @sea_anguilla and have embarked on a new project that is due to go live today. Exciting stuff! See the new website here, but bear with me as there is still a lot more content to go up and beta testing to do. With all this, a regular day job and a new born son I am set to be busy!

See you soon.

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