Galicia Viaduct

Galicia Viaduct Ortigueira
Stuart Wynne 2nd July 2017 No Comments

A stunning view of a railway viaduct spanning an inlet on the coast of Galicia, near the beautiful coastal town of Ortigueira. Home to amazing views and wonderful sea food, Ortigueira also hosts a large festival in the summer months, largely dedicated to music that celebrates its Celtic roots. Considering the size of the town, it is quite impressive that a festival of this size works, but that is thanks to the expansive estuary and associated low lying land that provides camping possibilities as well as a beautiful coastal walk between the sleeping and partying areas. I have decided to post this right now as I will soon be leaving Anguilla and heading back to Galicia, and interestingly arrive there the day this festival starts. Trading tropical heat and turquoise seas for stunning mountain views and amazing temperate beaches doesn’t seem bad! I have had an amazing two+ years here in Anguilla, having spent four+ years away in Galicia since my previous four+ years here. It will be sad to go, but I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to head to. Surprising as it seems the beaches in the two places, despite the temperature, flora and fauna differences, are very similar, with golden sands, clear water and very few tourists aside from during a relatively short high season. Its a strange juxtaposition to be in, sad to leave but excited to arrive.  New adventures on the horizon. I will keep posting pictures from here in Anguilla as I have a lot of material to share, but no doubt European vistas will begin to feature on a more and more regular basis. Enjoy.

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