Galician Landscape

Galicia Landscape Couzadoiro
Stuart Wynne 26th July 2016 No Comments

If there is one thing I miss while living in the Caribbean it is a morning such as this. Clear blue crispy winter skies with morning fog still lurking in the valley. This is the view from our back garden, and I have to say I look forward to being back there at some point to suck in such wonderful vistas. The Galician landscape is truly one to treasure.

Interestingly there are some surprising similarities between Galicia and Anguilla, where I am currently working. Both have amazing sandy beaches with very few people on them, and both are tranquil places with very friendly local residents and great seafood. Differences do abound though, as Galicia is predominantly mountainous and zigzagged by rivers, both large and small, and dense forests populated with wild boar, foxes and deer. I have had encounters with all of these creatures during my times in this special part of the world, and am blessed with having seen them all out of my bedroom window exploring nearby meadows close to the forest. Its coastline is stunning, with some of the tallest cliffs in Europe interspersed with little coves, fishing villages and expansive beaches. It is a truly wild place with a charming antiquated feel that is hard to tire of. The Galician Landscape, a must experience for everyone.

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