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Bridled Goby
Stuart Wynne 18th September 2019 No Comments

As I find myself often discussing, it is amazing the detail and beauty found in the underwater world if one looks closely enough. The Bridled Goby (Coryphopterus glaucofraenum) is another example of this. For most underwater visitors, this …

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Flying Gurnard
Stuart Wynne 8th August 2019 No Comments

It is always quite a surprise when encountering a Flying Gurnard (Dactylopterus volitans) when snorkelling on a sand flat or seagrass bed (their preferred habitat). They are often fairly hard to spot, usually pale and seemingly motionless as …

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White Encrusting Zoanthid
Stuart Wynne 31st July 2019 No Comments

You can be forgiven if you mistakenly think the White Encrusting Zoanthid (Palythoa caribbaeorum) is a type of coral, as it looks remarkably similar to large polyp species such as Great Star Coral (Montastraea cavernosa). As …

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An Underwater Guide To Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 21st June 2019 No Comments

I am very excited to announce the launch of my new book “An Underwater Guide to Anguilla, British West Indies”. A long time in the making, this book is basically a record of everything I observed while living and working …

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Stuart Wynne 24th May 2019 No Comments

Aside from a Reef Shark and maybe a Goliath Grouper, Tarpon are probably the biggest fish you are likely to see on a Caribbean Reef while diving. Saying that, I am reminded of visiting Fort Lauderdale a number of years …

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Three-Rowed Sea Cucumber
Stuart Wynne 8th April 2019 No Comments

Oddly enough, sea cucumbers are close relatives of the sea urchins, belonging to same Phylum (Echinoderms), all members of which share some interesting features, including a hard internal skeleton composed of calcareous plates called ossicles, and five way …

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Spinyhead Blenny
Stuart Wynne 21st March 2019 No Comments

The Spinyhead Blenny (Acanthemblemaria spinosa) is so tiny and cryptic that most underwater visitors probably don’t see it spying on them as they swim past. They spend most of their time hiding in small worm holes bored into …

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Katouche Bay, Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 14th February 2019 No Comments

This view from the top of North Cliffs, over Katouche Bay in Anguilla, is one of my favourites. It has to be one of the best views the island has to offer, and is a great place to sit and …

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Flamingo Tongue
Stuart Wynne 16th January 2019 No Comments

One of the most ornate Caribbean gastropods, the Flamingo Tongue (Cyphoma gibbosum) is also one of the most vicious. It creeps around the reef environment, and consumes corals, favouring sea fans and sea rods. Slithering up its structure, …

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