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Queen Angelfish
Stuart Wynne 24th December 2018 No Comments

One of the most colourful Caribbean coral reef fish species, and always a pleasure to see when diving, the Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) is unfortunately not as common as it once was in Anguilla, being a relatively easy target …

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Hawksbill Turtle
Stuart Wynne 9th October 2018 No Comments

The Hawksbill Turtle. as with all sea turtle species, is a truely amazing creature: It hatches from an egg deposited by its mother sixty days earlier on a beach someplace; instintively knows to head down to the water and swim …

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Cornish Sunset
Stuart Wynne 1st September 2018 No Comments

Well, its been a while since posting, and its been quite an adventure. We are now currently back in the UK and have gone through all the necessary organising and sorting out that is required when moving countries. Although I …

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Sea Sky
Stuart Wynne 7th January 2018 No Comments

Happy New Year! Sea sky, my favourite blend. With the new year comes new adventures, and it is soon time to pack our bags to head back to the UK for work in a little over a months time. It …

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Christmas Tree Worm
Stuart Wynne 25th December 2017 No Comments

In an attempt to add some Christmas cheer to todays blog post, the featured image is of a Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) peering out from its burrow in a rock close to Pelican Point, Crocus Bay Anguilla. …

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Upsidedown Jellyfish
Stuart Wynne 19th December 2017 No Comments

The Upsidedown Jellyfish (Cassiopea frondosa) is a curious member of the jellyfish class (Scyphozoa), spending most of its life living upsidedown, gently pulsating its body to keep itself in contact with the sea bed. There, they lap up …

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Barqueiro Drone Shoot
Stuart Wynne 10th December 2017 No Comments

I have been having a lot of fun with my new DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone this autumn, and I think I’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful location for such excursions as here in Galicia. The featured …

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Lettuce Sea Slug
Stuart Wynne 3rd December 2017 No Comments

The Lettuce Sea Slug (Elysia crispata) is one of the most ornate sea slugs found in the Caribbean. The pictured specimen here was seen merrily grazing away on algae covered rocks without a care in the world. They …

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Elliptical Star Coral
Stuart Wynne 24th November 2017 No Comments

Small colonies of Elliptical Star Coral (Dichocoenia stokesi) can easily be confused with the similar Golfball Coral, although corallites of D. stokesi are usually more closely grouped, and can be more irregular in shape. This species is also …

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