Little Bay Marine Park

Little Bay Marine Park Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 11th April 2017 No Comments

This has to be one of my favourite stretches of coastline in Anguilla, from Katouche Bay to Flat Cap Point. This includes Crocus Bay, Little Bay, and beautiful cliff structures in between: great fossil hunting; water sports and food at Davidas Restaurant & Spa; what almost resembles a rain forest (at least in the Anguilla context) nestled in a valley next to North Cliffs; and of course a lot of snorkelling opportunities. It really is an area where whole days can be spent enjoying the natural beauty of the island, with stunning cliff views of the offshore cays to boot. Little Bay Marine Park is an important seagrass area, and forms an integral park of the Anguilla Marine Park System, with anchoring prohibited and fishing restricted for visitors. Enjoy via a boat taxi from Crocus Bay, and don’t forget to ‘jump off the rock’!

A variation of this image was originally posted on instagram @sea_anguilla with the text: Little Bay, one of Anguillas seven marine parks. Popular with tourists and charter boats, this area has extensive seagrass beds and is important for foraging juvenile Green Turtles and as a fish nursery. A must see when visiting the island due to its outstanding natural beauty

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