Maiden Flight

Esteiro Drone Shoot Galicia
Stuart Wynne 29th September 2017 No Comments

As a brief departure from my usual Caribbean posts, I captured todays featured image while taking my newest camera for its maiden flight earlier this month at the beach near Esteiro, in Galicia. After much research and talking with ariel enthusiasts, I finally took the plunge and purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Standard as my first foray into the world of drone photography. I have been interested in radio controlled vehicles for as long as I remember, and with technology now at a level where it is affordable to purchase a flying machine with wifi controlled camera, I could no longer resist. In terms of reviewing the craft, I have little to compare it with, but as a beginner I would say once correctly set up it flew incredibly easily, and its range capabilities meant I could get nice and high and make long beach flyovers without loosing signal. I reached my current altitude ceiling of 120m (where this image was taken) and flew 500m horizontally before deciding it was time to turn back. I will now increase the ceiling and next time maybe find out what its true limitations are! For now though all I can say is awesome!!! Thanks DJI for creating such a cool machine. More featured images to come that will document my ariel adventures……..

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