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The question still remains. If all these highly impressive structures had been built by humans thousands of years ago, structures that seem to rely on either the planets innate energy forces or energy forces from afar, one has to wonder why these structures are today inert. Where have the energies that powered them gone? Why are remnants of this energy not detectable today with modern instruments? Although many of the structures may simply be aesthetic in nature, some seem far to obscure and/or sophisticated to simply be works of art. Why do they not function today? Did extra-terrestrial beings hold the secrets and guide us onto our current trajectory to simply desert us a thousand or so years ago due to some great failing? Did they take with them key functional artifacts and block ancient energy lines to render these structures redundant? Have we been put on hold since the fall of Rome, observed with interest from afar, with the progression of their esoteric and failed experiment still being assessed? Is there a plan to return once the human race has passed through it’s dark period of awakening and a semblance of enlightenment has been achieved? Will they return as equals, ready to hand us the keys of the universe? Is this their grand plan: to create a race of equals, and along the way help them understand their own origins? A race that would not have been possible without the ensuing chaos following their departure; and an enlightenment that would not have been possible without their impressive inert structures to nudge us questioningly forward?