Andros Island Marine Park

Bird Cay Andros Island Bahamas 2005

Project Info

  • Date February, 2005
  • Location Andros Island Bahamas
  • CLIENT Bahamas National Trust
  • Category Coastal Resource Management, Community & Outreach, Fisheries Management, Habitat Assessments, Marine Park Management, Policy Advice

Andros Island Marine Park

Managed by the Bahamas National Trust and the Department of Marine Resources, the Andros Island Marine Park (split into North and South areas) was established in 2002 and covers over 5000 acres of marine area. This project set out to collect baseline data in the southern marine area. To date, numerous other marine survey initiatives have also been undertaken in the area by the managing agencies and Forfar Field Station.

Project report >  Andros Island Marine Project Report 2005 (1215 downloads )