Area Priority Ranking

Fire and Soft Corals at Long Reef Anguilla 2016

Project Info

  • Date June, 2017
  • Location Anguilla Eastern Caribbean
  • CLIENT The Government of Anguilla
  • Category Coastal Resource Management, Habitat Assessments, Habitat Restoration, Marine Park Management, Marine Spatial Planning, Policy Advice

Area Priority Ranking

When conducting habitat assessments it is often quite problematic making sense of the results as inter-site variation can be quite substantial, and changes over time can similarly vary from site to site. This can especially be the case when trying to rapidly rank sites in order of conservation priority status. The project set out to develop a tool that looked at a minimal number of easily collected variables, and use them to assess initial structural habitat ‘health’ of each study site (i.e. identifying the most diverse areas with highest health indices) and rank them accordingly. Using subsequent years rapid assessment data, changes in these key variables were ranked against each other and between sites, to ascertain a ‘conservation priority’ status, i.e. which sites were declining most rapidly from the initial baseline and as such may be candidates for increased levels of environmental protection.

Project report >  Developing an Ecologically Based Rapid Site Ranking Tool (238 downloads)