Beach Monitoring Programme

Shoal Bay East Palm Seas Anguilla

Project Info

  • Date February, 2015
  • Location Anguilla Eastern Caribbean
  • CLIENT Government of Anguilla
  • Category Coastal Resource Management, EIA Consults, Habitat Assessments, Habitat Restoration, Policy Advice

Beach Monitoring Programme

Established in 1992, the Anguilla beach monitoring programme is the longest running research project in Anguilla. In 2015 work began on analysing over twenty years of data. This project and the associated report painted a somewhat bleak picture of erosional regimes around the island, with almost all beaches studied suffering a net loss over the study period, some in the region of 1 meter per year.

Project report >  The Anguilla Beach Monitoring Program Report 1992-2014 (862 downloads )