Dive Site Assessment

MV Meppel and Diver Anguilla.

Project Info

  • Date August, 2017
  • Location Anguilla Eastern Caribbean
  • CLIENT Government of Anguilla
  • Category Dive Site Management, Fisheries Management, Habitat Assessments, Marine Spatial Planning, Policy Advice

Dive Site Assessment

Eight purposefully sunk wrecks (seven within safe diving limits) lay in the north western area off mainland Anguilla. Never surveyed or assessed, these wrecks were part of a pilot study in 2017 to assess wreck condition and fish abundance, and at least form some kind of ‘delayed baseline’ for future temporal comparison. Sketches, full video swim throughs and extensive still photographs were also taken.

Draft project report >  Anguilla Wreck Dive Site Baseline Assessment (564 downloads )