Lionfish Population Study

Lionfish Shoal Bay Anguilla

Project Info

  • Date June, 2016
  • Location Anguilla Eastern Caribbean
  • CLIENT The Government of Anguilla
  • Category Fisheries Management, Invasive Species, Marine Park Management, Policy Advice

Lionfish Population Study

Following the arrival and establishment of the Lionfish in Anguillian waters in 2010, and a brief ecological study in 2014, this project set out to build a more complete picture of lionfish numbers around the island and confirm the ‘Hotspot’ theory, where some areas, despite not seeming like the perfect Lionfish habitat, have continued high densities of the species even following eradication efforts. For a full background into the Lionfish invasion, including current theories as to how it began, see below report.

Project report >  Status of Lionfish Population in Anguilla 2015-2016 (789 downloads )

Associated brochure >  Anguilla Lionfish Response Plan Brochure (661 downloads )