Marine Monitoring Programmes

Sandy Island Monitoring Anguilla 2008

Project Info

  • Date May, 2007
  • Location Anguilla Eastern Caribbean
  • CLIENT Government of Anguilla
  • Category Coastal Resource Management, Habitat Assessments, Imagery Analysis, Invasive Species, Marine Park Management, Policy Advice

Marine Monitoring Programmes

Established in 2007, the Anguilla Marine Monitoring Programme (AMMP) set out to establish ten reef and five seagrass assessment sites in shallow marine areas around Anguilla. Now having been in existence for over a decade, this important work is now beginning to shed light on marine species and habitat trends in key areas around the island. As an add-on to AMMP, offshore habitat mapping projects were also conducted using underwater video and flying array, which enabled the first habitat assessments to be undertaken for the shallow areas around Sombrero Island, and areas in the Anguilla Bank and north of the Seal Island reef system. It is hoped that these studies will form a baseline for future temporal comparisons of these hard-to-reach areas.

Project report >  AMMP Temporal Trends 2007-2016 (936 downloads )

Associated report >  Anguilla Marine Water Sampling Pilot Study Report (1299 downloads )

Associated report >  Status of Anguillas Marine Resources 2010 (915 downloads )

Associated report >  Rapid Coastal Benthic Assessment of Sombrero Island (818 downloads )

Associated report >  Developing an Ecologically Based Rapid Site Ranking Tool (967 downloads )

Associated report >  Offshore Habitat Assessment of Inner Anguilla Bank and Seal Island Reef (637 downloads )