The Young Explorers Series

Inspire Your Children To Become Young Explorers!

The young explorers series has been written for 6 – 12 year olds, and uses real underwater photographs that have been digitally manipulated with bright and vibrant colours to catch their attention. The books introduce marine biology topics in a fun and factual way, with fascinating facts, words to look up, and other interesting activities. If you know any kids with an interest in the natural world and you want to inspire them, then the young explorers series is for them! Current and upcoming titles explore coral reefs and all the fascinating types of creatures that live there; coral reef fishes, their characteristics, and the amazing habits they have; sea turtles and the fascinating journey of life that they have to negotiate; and the exploration of rock pools and the incredible things that you might find washed up on beaches.

The Young Explorers Guide To Coral Reef Creatures

Young Explorers Guide

This book takes young explorers on a fascinating journey through the world of coral reefs and the creatures that inhabit them. Using wonderfully enhanced images created from real underwater photographs taken in the Caribbean, the journey begins with an introduction to coral reefs, and describes the main groups of creatures that make these incredible habitats their home. The journey ends with information on coral reef conservation, essential to know if future generations of young explorers are to enjoy and experience these amazing places. Full of fun facts and new words to learn, this book is both interactive and educational, perfect for all young explorers who are interested in understanding more about the mesmerising underwater world of coral reefs and their creatures.


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