My interest in photography started around the same time as my fascination with the ocean – during family holidays on the North Norfolk coast. My first 110mm camera was one of my most prized possession (especially as it had a built in flash!), but a few years later that was eclipsed by a 35mm Christmas present that had a separate battery powered add on flash that could be orientated as one desired. A couple of upgrades later I purchased a second hand Praktica camera as an undergraduate at Reading University and attended night classes in colour photography techniques and black and white photography and printing. I loved the dark room, but the digital was soon upon us and affordable digital cameras with their high tech feel, portability and convenience took over from the artistic potential of lugging my 35mm around with its multitude of lenses. One of my final forays into the world of 35mm still photography coincided with my introduction to underwater photography came while doing my PADI Advanced Open Water certification in Utila (Honduras). At that time digital cameras were still in their infancy, and underwater cameras expensive and treasured. The small compact 35mm I used during my underwater photographer specialty dive was great fun to use, although it did not yield great results when I finally got the film back to the UK and processed.

Time passed and digital cameras became cheaper and more and more models had affordable underwater housings for them. While I was happily snapping away on land, where I really wanted to go was under the water, and to explore macro photography of the fascinating detail that is often overlooked when diving or snorkelling. So in 2008 I decided to take the plunge, and while I could not afford a top of the line SLR with housing and strobes, I read amazing macro reviews of the Sony Cybershot DSC T100 With its amazing super macro setting I was instantly sold in the camera shop, and they were also able to order a housing for me. Deal done, I spend the next few years carrying my beloved camera around with me underwater, and while I have upgraded on land, and even now and again take a GoPro Hero4 underwater with me to video wrecks or other scenic shots, the DSC T100 still can’t be beaten for those super macro shops. One day when it finally dies (I have had it repaired once so far!) I may invest in a mid-range SLR with housing and strobe, but for now my macro appetite is satisfied, and it even does pretty good close-mid range work also.

This passion for photography, combined with research projects and experience gained in employment, has led to extensive knowledge of Caribbean fish, corals, other invertebrates and algae. Through this I acheived a Level 4 Reef expert rating and have taught a number of identification and marine research technigue courses.

For examples of my photography follow me @sea_anguilla or take a look though my gallery here. I also have an underwater guidebook soon to be released for Anguilla, and a number of my images have recently been used to create artistic design prints by Reef Creature. An example of my published work can be downloaded Below:

The BEST Preparatory Action Booklet (631 downloads )