Rose Lace Coral

Rose Lace Coral Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 9th October 2020 1 Comment

As I have said in some of my past gallery posts, the detail on the underwater world that can be seen if one looks close enough never ceases to amaze. Rose Lace Coral (Stylaster roseus) is one such example of this. It is a tiny coral species that is closely related to fire corals, that is usually found growing in small rocky recesses. It is often a beautiful lavender colour but can also be red to pink to white and all mixtures in between. Although related to the fire corals, Rose Lace Coral is not considered toxic, but if touched it may sting sensitive skin and produce a slight burning sensation. However, as responsible underwater adventurers we all know not to touch anything we encounter, especially something as delicate and beautiful as this!

As with some of my other photographs, this image has been used by Reef Creature Clothing to create fabulous digital prints that are applied to their bright and colourful active wear products… of my favourites being this wonderfully colourful and vibrant rash guard. The perfect way to stand out when enjoying the ocean. Check out their website and browse their designs now!!

Originally posted on Instagram @sea_anguilla with the text: Rose Lace Coral, a close relative of fire coral, forms tiny delicate colonies in small gaps between rocks in reef areas. Their purple colour and exquisite detail make them a pleasure to see for the keen of eye but as with all coral species, do not touch! They are incredibly fragile and do not appreciate interference of any kind.

1 Comment

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