Scilly Cay Anguilla

Scilly Cay Anguilla
Stuart Wynne 19th October 2016 No Comments

Scilly Cay is a tiny little offshore islet, located within the bay and fishing port of Island Harbour (Anguilla). It is very much the archetypal offshore hangout with a bar, thatched huts and friendly atmosphere. The snorkeling around the cay is pretty special too with extensive seagrass beds, home to green turtles, eagle rays and porcupine fish that can be seen cruising around foraging for their lunch while you digest yours. Lovely.

The waters around Scilly Cay, despite being filled with moored fishing boats and bustling activity, it is pretty special for conservation reasons. The foraging juvenile (well, teenagers really) Green Turtle population is the largest identified in Anguillian waters, and subject to much tag-and-release survey work by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources. It is also an important area for juvenile Queen Conch, with again higher densities here than have been recorded anywhere else in other shallow coastal areas around the island. Hopefully, being part of the Anguilla Marine Park System, it will stay this way.

Originally posted on Instagram @sea_anguilla with the text: Silly Cay, Island Harbour. This beautiful little cay in the middle of Island Harbour is home to a wonderful lobster shack which is accessible via a water taxi departing at regular intervals from the nearby fishing jetty. Beautiful turquoise sea and great food…..what more could one ask for?

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