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Sea Sky Anguilla Approach
Stuart Wynne 7th January 2018 No Comments

Happy New Year! Sea sky, my favourite blend. With the new year comes new adventures, and it is soon time to pack our bags to head back to the UK for work in a little over a months time. It has been a wonderful six months here in Galicia, enjoying all that this beautiful part of the world has to offer, but we will return and once again walk its idyllic beaches and savour its amazing seafood. We haven’t left yet, but already holiday plans for coming back here are in the early stages with a trip being planned for after this years coming holiday season. September and October are my favourite months in Galicia, with summer extending well beyond that of the UK, and long lazy warm summer evenings perfect for a BBQ, yet the beaches are once again deserted after all the tourists have returned home. I am excited already……

With travel thoughts in mind though, the featured sea sky image seemed fitting, albeit being of the Caribbean Sea on a return flight to Anguilla rather than anything like the travel sights we will be encountering during our impending journey. One can but dream!

So with all the upheaval that moving countries entails, I will be taking a short break from posting blog images and building my photo library until I am properly settled in a month or twos time. So from there you can expect more Caribbean themed species to be featured, interspersed with some European critters and vistas.

The featured image was orginally posted on instagram @sea_anguilla, with the text: Sea and sky, flying over Anguilla while coming in to land at St Martin airport. Only in the tropics can the two blend together so perfectly that it takes the white strip of distant cloud to tell which is which. Amazing.

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